How Owning a European Vehicle Can Be to Your Advantage

There are two giants in the automotive industry that most people look to when they are searching for a car to buy. They are the twin behemoths of car manufacturing, Europe, and Japanese vehicles. Sure, there are also Korean and American cars, but they don’t come close to the quality that is on offer with the aforementioned two. In this post I will focus on European vehicles and why they are so awesome.

Small Details
A great example of extreme attention to detail that can be on display within the European car manufacturing industry is the fact that they even put effort into making things sound great. And I’m not talking about the sound system, I mean the sounds that the vehicle itself emits. The sound the doors make when they close, the sound the engine makes, right down to the sounds that buttons make when pressed and the sound the wind screen wipers make. Sweating the little things like this is what makes high quality cars stand out from the rest.

Safety Features
Safety has been a major concern for European cars since the beginning. A great example of this grand and noble tradition can be found in the Swedish car manufacturer called Volvo, who have been at it since they invented the three-point seat belt in the late fifties, which has since been adopted by all car manufacturers and has saved millions of lives. They set the bar very high ever since, and European companies are still showing a willingness to put the safety of their customers first.
They are so enthusiastic about safety that they have a regulation that has made it a rule that all new vehicles, including trucks, cars, buses, and vans must have new safety features included in them. Systems that monitor tyre pressure are among such features, as are seatbelt reminders to make sure that the drive doesn’t forget to wear their seat belts, and the latest in advanced emergency breaking systems.

Not all European cars are super luxury models only available for the exorbitantly rich. There are a wide variety of makes and models that are well within the price range of your average person, plus you get to have the advantage of all the great things those European cars have to offer.

Great Performance
Cars are often tested for their performance rating, and this of course includes European cars. And those tests reveal that European manufacturers make some of the best performing cars. The acceleration and power exceed that of their Japanese counterparts. European vehicles are highly recommended by car wreckers because of its longer lifespan. So, if you are after a vehicle that performs well you would be wise to buy European.


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